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This page last updated:
13 Dec 05

      Have you ever been browsing the 'Net and found something that just makes you think 'WOW! Isn't the 'Net amazing'? Or checked your e-mail and found something completely unexpected but very welcome (and I'm not talking about those shady e-mails that everyone seems to mysteriously receive within five minutes of getting an e-mail address)?

      This has happened to me on more than one occasion and these instances have mostly come about because of this site so I've decided to document them for the simple reason that I want to. These are the moments that have made up for the wasted hours of my life that have slipped by un-noticed, while lost in the wierd and wonderful world of the hyperlink trail.

Imagine that!
      When I first began to construct this site the nostalgic feelings it generated in me drove me to try to obtain things other than TI related stuff. As mentioned on the 'fame' page I had programs published for other machines in different magazines and on one browsing session I happened to find a site detailing a collection of Atari User magazines, with some listed as being for sale. Incredibly, one of them was an issue in which I had no less than two programs published. Of course I immediately e-mailed the site owner to ask if he still had it and he did. He agreed to sell it to me for a very modest sum and within a few days I had in my hands a 20(ish) year old magazine with my name in it. Twice! Oh yes, the 'net is great.
Imagine that! (II)
      On another recent random 'net search for TI99/4A stuff I followed a trail of links that eventually led me to a site that had nothing to do with the '99 per se but was very interesting nevertheless due to it's content. It was a site detailing the 80's computer magazine collection of David Tolley and while browsing the scans from his collection of Atari User magazines I thought I spied something familiar. I clicked on the thumbnail of the scan for the larger image and was amazed to see my name on that page! It was the same page I've scanned for this site and it contains a small program written by me. If you haven't seen this page on my site it's because it's hidden but if you want a hint on how to find it check out the invaders in the page header graphics on different pages. Some of them aren't just there for decoration...

      Click the graphic to visit David's site, it's well worth the time you'll spend there. It's an interesting and well designed site that'll have you wallowing in nostalgia if you've ever spent hours hunched over an 8-bit computer typing in magazine program listings, or just mis-spent your youth playing games like Manic Miner.

(This link has been disabled as the site is no longer available. Shame.)

Imagine that! (III)
      Hmmm..... I think I can see some sort of theme going on here. Anyway, I was recently browsing eBay to see what I could find and came across an auction for some old computer magazines. I contacted the seller and asked him if any of the magazines contained articles relating to the TI99. They didn't but he said that he had a collection of old magazines and that he'd go through them and let me know which ones might be of interest to me. There was a bit more e-mail to-ing and fro-ing while we made a deal and eventually I agreed to buy a certain amount of magazines from him. When I finally received them through the post I put them to one side with the intention of going through them one at a time and checking out the TI articles. To cut to the chase, while going through them I realised that two of them were magazines that I already owned, specifically, the two issues of Home Computing Weekly in which I'd had programs published! How likely is that?
The Oxford English Dictionary defines serendipity as:

serendipity /se-ren-dip-iti/ n. the faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident. [coined by Horace Walpole (1754) after The Three Princes Of Serendip, a fairy tale] • serendipitous adj. serendipitously adv.

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