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This page last updated:
08 Jan 2016

     As with all my computers over the years one of my favourite uses for them has been to play games on. One of the TI99's strengths was the quality of the games available on TI's 'solid state software' cartridges, otherwise known as command modules. Unfortunately, compared to other machines of the time, there weren't very many games available. The price of these command modules was also prohibitively high, another point against the '99.

     However, this did not prevent me from saving as much as I could to buy some games, and subsequently thoroughly enjoy them! Due to the high cost and difficulty in obtaining good TI99 games I never owned very many (I've listed the one's I can remember on the right) so I became very good at playing the one's I did have. I had a high score of well over 2,500,000 for Parsec and was going for more but my mother had been waiting for ages for me to eat my tea and was getting more and more angry so I had to stop. I solved all of the adventure games I had.

     What did I think of the games then? Well, Parsec was my favourite. A sideways scrolling shoot 'em up with waves of enemies coming from the right of the screen (and sometimes from the left), it was just the sort of game I loved playing in the arcades. The 'lift' option was an innovative feature, requiring pixel perfect control of your ship during underground refuelling manoeuvres. I thought TI Invaders was the best home computer version of Space Invaders you could get, with it's own innovative between levels saucer shooting section. Munchman was an excellent Pacman rip-off, getting extremely fast in later levels with a good variety of 'ghosts' to avoid.

     On this page you'll find my own reviews of the games I like along with screen shots and playing instructions. Click the small screen shots below to launch a new window containing more details about the game.


TI Invaders

Munch Man
More Games Please!
Games I owned then...
Car Wars
TI Invaders
Adventure Module with:
  Mission Impossible
Mystery Funhouse
Strange Odyssey
Have a look at the "collection" page to see what games I have now...

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