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This page last updated:
08 Jan 2016

      Since I started this web site I've been adding to my collection by using various sources, though mainly eBay, which I can highly recommend if you are a collector of anything. I have enough now for my collection to have it's own dedicated page on the site so here it is - a detailed list of all the TI99/4A related items I have managed to obtain since Christmas 2001.

TI99/4A complete with power supply, RF modulator, cassette lead and manuals in original box.
TI99/4A complete with power supply, RF modulator, cassette lead and manuals.
TI99/4A complete with RF modulator and cassette lead.
TI99/4A complete with power supply, RF modulator, cassette lead and manuals.
TI99/4A complete with power supply, RF modulator and manual.
TI Disk Controller
2 speech synthesisers (no control modules for either of them but they do have the instructions that would have come with the modules).
5 Pairs of TI joysticks in good working order, complete with user manuals.
Altai joystick in original packaging.
TI Peripheral Expansion Box (US spec) containing:
  5" floppy disk drive
  Disk controller
  32K memory expansion
  RS232 Card
Super Sketch graphics tablet
TI Games Modules
Blackjack & Poker
Car Wars
Connect 4
Hunt The Wumpus
Indoor Soccer
Munch Man
TI Invaders
Tombstone City
Video Chess
Video Games 1
3rd Party Games Modules
Q*bert (Parker Brothers)
Defender (Atari)
Star Trek (Sega)
Buck Rogers - Planet Of Zoom (Sega)
"Serious" Modules
Household Budget Management
Personal Record Keeping
Terminal Emulator II
Extended Basic
Mini Memory
Number Magic
Addition And Subtraction 2
Division 1
Multiplication 1
Disk Manager
Scholastic Spelling - Level 5
Super Duper (copies modules to disk)
Cassette Software
Beginners Basic Tutor, Lessons 1-8
Shuttle Attak (2)
Programming Aids 1
Pirate Adventure
Apex Trading - Games Tape 2 (Simon, Submarine, Snake, Craps)
Not Polyoptics - Winging It Flight Simulator
Times Travels Inc. - Squadron Leader
Line By Line Assembler (for use with Mini Memory module)
Starter Pack 1
Starter Pack 2
Making The Most Of Your TI99/4A
Scott Vincent, 1984.
Get More From The TI99/4A (2)
Garry Marshall, 1983
Getting Started With The Texas TI99/4A
Stephen Shaw, 1983
Programming BASIC with the TI Home Computer
Herbert D. Peckham, 1979.
Mastering The TI99 (2)
Peter Brooks, 1984.
The Texas Program Book
Vince Apps, 1983.
TI99/4A Favorite Programs Explained
Donald C. Kreutner, 1983.
Games For Your TI99/4A
Andrew Nelson, 1984
Learning To Use The TI99/4A Computer (2)
Kevin Townsend, 1983
99er Home Computer Magazine
June 1983, Vol 2, No. 8
TI Home Computer Users Club News - Issues 1 to 5 (quarterly)

TIdings newsletter:
Volume 2, numbers 3 to 6
Volume 3, numbers 1 & 2

TI Home Computer Users Club Members Programs (printed listings on A4 paper).
Numbers 1-6, 7, 9, 15-26
Stainless Software catalogue
Parco Electrics TI specific catalogue.
A B & C Computers TI specific catalogue
TIHOME software catalogue
Original Texas Instuments TI99/4A brochure
Original Texas Instruments software catalogue (2)
+ Loads of other leaflets, letters, spare instruction books and printed matter too numerous to list.
I want TI stuff!
Not collecting at the moment.

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