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This page last updated:
18 Apr 12

Lots of good TI99/4A information, organised by type of site.

Must Visit!
One of the most comprehensive and definitive TI99/4A sites on the net. Always up to date with the latest TI news.

Rick's Graphics
I designed this site! If you'd like a site like this, or anything else for that matter, for very little outlay then please get in touch.

TI99 Forever!

A very comprehensive and good looking French site. I have to admit to using some of their pictures on my own site. Thank you for allowing this.

TI User Group UK
This is UKs premier Texas Instruments TI99 site. The group has been in existence for over 20 years.

TI99 Italian User Group
A delightful site and with the option of an English language translation.
Personal Home Pages
Lapinkult's TI99/4A Page
Details of adventure games for the Adventure module, with some complete solutions, download Lapinkult's own TI99/4A programs and lots more...

Gary Cox's Home Page
Lots of info here. Articles of note include getting on the net with the TI99/4A, a list of TI user groups, repairing TI99's and a list of harware suppliers.

Stephen Shaw's Home Page
Author of 'Getting Started With The TI99/4A' and ran Stainless Software in the early eighties.

99 to 92 A TI99/4A Tribute
Personal experiences with the '99 as well as downloads and other related information and pictures.

Anders Bengtsson's Retro Collection
Huge collection of old machines. Nice to look at but you'll need to understand Swedish to appreciate the content.
Retro Computer Sites
(Won't necessarily contain TI99/4A info but if you're here you probably have an interest in all old computers)
Obsolete Computer Museum

The Machine Room
Old Bits (in German)
8-Bit Museum (another German site)
Computer History
Binary Dinosaurs
Norwich Retro Gamers
MESS and TI99
This is the site of the author of the MESS TI99/4A driver.

Official MESS Home Page
Get the latest information and downloads for MESS here.

God's Page!
Download a utility to convert your old casstte software into disk images for use in your favourite TI99/4A emulator here.


Get a TI99/4A emulator that runs on LINUX here.
Red Baron Software
TI99/4A games for the V9-T9 emulator.
Web Rings

The TI-99/4A Web Ring
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